Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Back! Some Trades and Stuff.

Hello All! It's been a really busy week but I am back to post and am glad to be back. I spent much of the week after work building a bookcase, 2 CD cases, and a DVD case for my new media/card room. As most of us know, or at least in my house storage is always an issue. I have somewhere over 1200 CD'S, 700 DVD's and who knows how many baseball cards. Up til now they were spread between my bedroom, basement, and den and the wife was (rightfully so) not pleased. I finally made the move to make the basement my sons room and I took his old room to organize my stuff. As of now 95% of my stuff is on the shelf units and is semi organized. I should have taken before pictures but I didn't think about it til I was too far involved in the project. I will post some pics when I get all organized, well mostly organized since I don't think I could be completely organized ever. The rest of the week went to my daughters softball games and also a friend passed away so that took us away from normal daily life for a bit.
    Anyway I will get to some trade packages I have recieved from around Blogoland. First I have a barrel of fun from Ed at Roll Out The Barrel. You guessed it, I sent him Brewers and he sent me Mets and Yankees cards.

2009 Topps T-206 Joba Chamberlain Auto
2009 Topps T-206 mini Joba Chamberlain
2010 Topps Attax Opening Day CC Sabathia (shiny version)

The Joba auto and CC Attax are the 2 cards we talked about so the Joba mini was a real cool surprise as well as these.
I never bought a single pack of the 07 SP Rookie Ed. so these are awesome for my collection. These are my faves of the 15 or so surprise cards. Thanks Ed, I will continue to save some Brew Crew cards for you.

Next up is nice package of Mets and Yankees from Jason the Brooklyn Met from Clear Cut Cards. He's A big Mets fan like myself so we trade some doubles and he always includes some Yankees for my crosstown collection. Here are just a few from the mailer.
He doubled up on some 08 UD Heroes from a box break we were both in over at Thorzul's. He beat me to the Mets so I ended up with the Rays. I ended up with 6 of his base doubles to go with my Rays so I did ok by that break.

A few others out of a fun batch. Judging from thr few 2010 Heritage I have gotten through trades I think I like them, they are certainly growing on me. I may have to buy some. Thanks Jason, I look forward to our next trade. Let's Go Mets!

Moving on to a trade venture with Chris of On Card Autos. I had some Cubs cards looking for a loving home and he was kind enough to take them in. He sent me some nice rewards for saving them.

03 (08) Sweet Spot Bucky Dent gu Jersey
01 Fleer Feel the Game Richard Hidalgo gu Bat

The Bucky Dent is actually a 2008 Upper Deck buy back. I forgot to photo the card that came with it. Richard Hidalgo is one of those players I collect heavy for reasons I just don't know. I will post some day on my hoarding of his 04 Bowman Sterling bat cards.

09 Topps Historical Commemorative Patch Lou Gehrig 1928 World Series
04 Upper Deck Peak Performance Jose Reyes gu Jersey

I have said it before but I really like the manupatches as I call them and this one is a nice one. The Reyes is actually from a prior trade but it snuck out of the mailer when Chris wasn't looking so he sent it along this time. Thanks Chris, I am looking for more stray Cubs for you to take in.

Last up for now is a trade with Beardy from the world famous Mojo and Beardy's. Both of their original solo blogs were the first two that I read and "followed" so I was glad to hook up with Beardy on a trade from one of his trade bait posts. Out went some O's and Ravens and in came ............

04 Topps Pristine Mike Piazza Going Going Gone gu Bat
05 Topps Pack Wars sn'd 40/56

I actually saw some of his Pristine pack breaks and decided to do a few of my own as I have posted before. He got the Piazza bat and passed it along. The Pack Wars is a "shiny" one and looks much better in person. I cant call it a refractor bur it has some refractive qualities like the 2010 Attax specials in the Opening Day packs.

05 Pack Wars Gary Sheffield gu Bat
04 Topps Pristine Kazuo Matsui sn'd 403/499

A way cool Sheff for the Yankee book and a nice first year rare of the Kaz. Thanks Great Bearded One for a fun trade and I hope to trade again sometime.

Well I have rambled on long enough for my first post back but just a note about a soon to happen contest here at the Buffet. Only request I will have to enter is that you are a follower of the blog. More to come soon.

Thanks for Reading!


(...Joe) said...

Awesome, nice haul! It's good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't hate on the manufactured patches.


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Wow, looks like you've kept yourself busy with trades.

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