Saturday, July 21, 2012

So I Tried A Box Of Ginter With A Friend Today..........

Hello all,
   My plan was to do a trade post tonight as I have a few to get too including 2 big ones from The Daily Dimwit and Too Many Verlanders but the events from the day will delay them as  I finally had some free time today so I headed down to my LCS. I ran into another regular, Zack, who frequents the shop and we decided to split a box of Allen and Ginter. We have split boxes before and we always have fun and usually have decent luck together so why not. He is a big rookie card guy and I like the inserts and minis so we were in good shape to share the cards and we agreed to split the hits fairly and if we got a "big" one we sell it and split the profit. The N43 Box topper was a good start being a Tony Gwynn. Zack knows I collect him so graciously deferred it to me right away and I in turn gave him first grab at a good rookie card. Well all was going well and we set aside the packs that we saw the hits in til the end. That's the good thing with the Ginters as you can see the black frames without spoiling the surprise and save them til the end. My pile had 2 of the 3 hits, a Bobby Knight relic and a Hank Haney relic. I got the Knight and Zack grabbed the Haney, we were both happy with that. Now his pile had one hit so we would have to work out a fair deal to see who got it unless.............................................

    It is a "big'one!!!!!!!
   A Roger Federer framed mini autograph! After high fives were exchanged with each other and John who runs the shop we both agreed to SELL. I have already listed it on E-Bay and am hoping for the best.

    Needless to say, I am happy with the 2012 Ginter and will probably do a box on my own next time I hit the LCS.

That's all for now. Keep Rocking your Cardboard dreams!

Thanks For Reading!


night owl said...

Terrific pull. I think out of all the hits I could pull from Ginter, that'd be the one I'd like.

Good luck with the sale1

Spiegel83 said...

Congrats! Did you pull any inserts from this Ginter box that you want to trade? Please check out my want list on my blog and let me know. Thanks.

Drew said...

Great pull man! Congratulations!

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