Sunday, July 22, 2012

He May Be A Dimwit But He Can Sure Trade Well!

  Hello all. A long overdue trade post for you today. It was back in May when I received a few e-mails from Sam of The Daily Dimwit fame inquiring about a Thurman Munson bat card that I pulled from a 2011 pack of Gypsy Queen over on The Pack Rip Cafe some time back. Now at this point in time I was contemplating my return to Blogoland after a 9 month hiatus but hadn't gotten the ball rolling yet. Sam did just that and this trade really got me back in the game.
  Now normally I wouldn't trade a Munson relic as he is one of my all time favorite Yankees (sounds funny coming from a Mets fan, doesn't it) and a great player but when Sam explained his quest to complete the relic set from 2011 Gypsy Queen and offered some pretty cool cards I figured I should help him out. After I dusted off some boxes and found the card, Sam and I began expanding the trade as we always do and it became another big one with some Astros heading his way. He basically finished my 2012 Gypsy Queen base set for me along with several variations and inserts too. Also involved were some other awesome cards.

   These were tucked in the box. The two Jeters are my favorite of them.

   A bunch of GQ minis from this year and even a few from last years set. The 2011 Tex is /99 like the 2012 Jeter.

   All these are serial numbered. That Palmer Museum Collection is a great looking card.

    Sam didn't have much in the way of Mets but he made up with some great Yankees hits. The Wang was a big card a few years back before his injury. I love the UD Black transparent auto cards and the Noesi is a sharp lookin auto.

   These are my favorite 3 from the lot of many spectacular cards. I really like the Museum Collection set this year and the quad relic is no exception. Cano's swatch is still dirty. The Nickeas is my first hit from him while a Mariano is never a bad card to get. A nice stitch line across the swatch adds a little extra cool factor.

   If you never traded with Sam, you need to head on over and work out a deal with him, he never disappoints plus he runs a good group break too. Thanks Sam, you got my juices flowing again and as usual we made a great trade.

New post on The Pack Rip Cafe today so go look and follow if you don't already please.

That's all for now. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams!


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