Friday, July 27, 2012

It's Never Too Many Trades From Too Many Verlanders

    Hello again all. Today I finally get to a trade post way overdue. When Sam over at The Dimwit pulled me back into Blogoland (Thanks again Sam) one of the first people to contact me was Dennis of the great Too Many Verlanders blog. (By the way, he's running a cool contest over there) We had begun talks on another one of our colossal trade before my little hiatus and I had some cards set aside for him so when I was back we picked up on the trade and finished it off around a year after we started it. Dennis and I have had some crazy big trades in the past and this one was no different.

     He sent so many card that he sent 2 different packages, one big white box for the base and inserts and a bubble mailer with the hits. Dennis has a gift for hitting all my team collections in our trades.
This is a tiny representation of the great white box cards.

Mets always good!

Yankees work for me.

Jets, Saints, and Giants make me smile.

    Dennis is one of my main football trade partners and he always hooks me up. Once again, these are a small fraction of the selection of cards in the box.

   Now the premium cards in the trade are some sweet additions to my various team collections.

   Three stellar relic cards for the Big Blue binder. The Shockey patch is 097/200, the Steve Smith NFL 3 piece is 204/849, and the shoot myself in the leg Plaxico dual jersey is 034/125.

  Gang green checks in with 5 fantastic additions. Two D'Brick autos,the  Leon Washington NFL 3 piece is 103/849, The DeWayne Robertson rc ball/jersey is 505/750, and the Kellen Clemens triple relic is 24/50.

  The Saints tip the scales with 7 awesome cards to finish up the football portion of this trade. A Rickey Williams  jersey from 2002, the NFL 3 piece shows up again  at 603/849. The Colston R&S is 010/115 and a great 3 player relics of Brooks, Blake, and Horn.

    I trio of autos as well. A Topps Reserve of brooks, a 2011 Jenkins, and a 2008 RC auto from Adrian Arrington rounds out the bunch. I feel special when I can get a Michigan Wolverine like Arrington from Dennis but fair is fair as I have sent him Saints from Michigan as well.

     Now some baseball treats. The Yankees come in with some fun cards. The Stoneburner and Murphy Donruss Elites are both /50 while the Colter Bean auto bat card is 044/256. A Nick Johnson jersey from his tenure with The Bombers is 151/250 and the Soriano manu patch looks great. I do wonder why they didn't use Yankees colors and added so much red to the patch.

     A couple of Mets manu patches finish off the grandness of this tremendous package. A Reyes to represent the NY Giants makes no sense to me but does look good. The Phil Seibel Sweet Beginnings  rookie manu is 0160 /1430. I am actually trying to get one of these from each team so if  anybody has any let me know and we can cook up a deal.

   There you have it, another killer trade with Dennis of Too Many Verlanders. If you have any Michigan alum to trade, he's your man and trust me it's always a good trade over there.

    Check out my Pack Rip Cafe today for some 2007 Fleer fun. I just past 50 followers over there and would love to see that number grow.

     I'm out of here for now, keep rocking your cardboard dreams people.

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