Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Quick Trade and Some E-Bay Scores

   Hello all. I have some cards to show off for you today. First up is a hit and run trade with Colbey over at Cardboard Collections. He has been on a roll lately with some good pulls and one of his latest was a cool Archives Oscar Ganble auto card.

    I commented on my admiration for the card and my positive opinion of the Archives auto checklist since they went with a very cool group of players from the past. The man they call Fly Wheels (Colbey) shot me an e-mail saying that I could trade for the card and he really hoped I could find a Terry Pendleton or Sid Bream auto from '12 Archives if I happen to come across one. Well I did come across a Sid Bream sitting in the box of Archives I opened when it came out. I set it aside and forgot about it til Colbey jogged my memory so the trade was on and done just like that. Thanks Colbey!

     Next up I have a few E-Bay wins.
   A couple of 2010 Topps Finest Letter Patch autos. The Tobi Stoner is 037/217 and leaves me just needing the "E" /217 to complete the name. The Thole is a refractor 67/75.

   Along the Manu-Patch line I found a seller with a bunch with a nice combined shipping deal and I ended up winning these.
    I know some folks out in Blogoland don't care for the manu-patch cards but I am definitely a fan and with a group of players like this I couldn't go wrong. I lost a Hank Aaron and a Tom Seaver but walked away winning the Carter, Jackson, Mariano, and 2 Schmidt's. They really look sharp, especially the number ones.

   Lastly on the E-Bay side was a couple of cards for my "American Flag" collection.

 These are 1954 Topps Scoop cards. The set was mimicked after newspaper headlines and were actually smaller then the standard size cards. The card on the right has been well loved while the left card is in decent shape for a 58 year old card.

The backs show the headline that the front art depicts. you can see the difference in size from the standard card size. There are a few others in the set that show American Flags so I am on the hunt for those next.

That will do it for now. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!


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