Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trade With the Dimwit, Sneak Peak, and a Give Away Chance

    Hey all. It's been a few days since a card related post as thing are very busy around here at The Buffet. I am currently reorganizing my card/media room since it has gotten totally out of control. I have to get things in order before it completely devours me.
    I have been able to swing a few trades that I am really excited about and one of them arrived yesterday from Sam over at The Daily Dimwit. I don't have any witty banter today so I will just lay it out straight forward. Sam and I have developed kind of a trade synergy lately as we both have been getting cards that fit into each others collections on a regular basis so working out trades has been easy. Actually any trade with him is easy so if you have stuff he likes give it a whirl and you will not be disappointed.
   As usually is the case he had some Mets and Yankees that caught my eye and another great trade was on.

   First he piled in 19 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards.

     I can't imagine ever trying to complete the YSL insert set but it's a good way to get Yankees from all the different eras.

     Some cool 09 A Piece of History cards hit the spot next.
 I like how he included 2 cards for my New York collection, Woodstock and the Hall of Fame. Both of course are located in upstate NY and I have been to both to visit their hallowed grounds.

    Next is a bit of this and a bit of that.
     The black bordered Bo Jackson mini is the Gypsy Queen back and of coarse the Jeter is that gimmick card that made all kinds of noise back in 2007.

    Gold sweetness was on tap next.
    I have been on a bit of a Mantle kick lately so the gold /2010 is way cool and any David Wright I don't have is a score so I am smiling.

Now my favorites from a great package through and through.
    The Feliciano RC is my first Mets black /59 (it looks more silver though) from 2010 Topps. The Seaver SP rocks! The Joba blue framed sn'd 50/50 is the card that started it all and is sweet.

    Thanks as always Sam! Once again you hooked me up.

    In other news, The Cardboard Connection is holding another give away and this month it's a box of 2010 Triple Threads Football. All you have to do is sign up for their news letter and you are in. They have a great site over there too.  Tell them I sent you and I can win something also. I know this because last month Jonathan from RGB Cards won a box and because he told them I sent him, I won a $20 PayPal credit. Yea me!

  Finally I leave you a sneak peak at a future endeavor here in the near future.
   Details coming soon!


dawgbones said...

What's with the Rollie Fingers packs? Where the heck did those come from??

(...Joe) said...

Damn, I forgot about those 2010 Topps SPs! That's a step back in the team set. haha

Play at the Plate said...

Someone been hitting the local Target?

Derek said...

Found a card for ya!

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