Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trade Post and Some LCS Scores.

    Hey all. In keeping up with my New Year promise to post all trade goodies, today I have some fun from the Hall of Fame. No, not Cooperstown but The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. Tim over there has quite the diversified collection and isn't afraid to share it. He commented to me about a great Daniel Murphy card he scored and said I would probably be interested. After teasing me a bit he let me know what it was and boy was I interested so we struck a deal. Before I get to the meat of the trade first some extra treats he included.

   Eight of 1997 Circa Mets. There are 15 Mets in the 400 card set so I have over half now so I may have to chase the team set. The Olerud is my favorite.

    Some Nascar cards The ones with pictures of the cars are the best. Look at the baby face on Jeff Gordon.
   There was also an oddly shaped bubble wrapped team bag inside the envelope. At first I thought it was some of those baseball coins from the 80's but upon upon unwrapping it an unexpected surprise popped out.
  A 1997 Starting Lineup of Jason Isringhausen. I thought it was cool when the card was mixed in with the other cards but now I know why.

   Now for the one that started it all...............
   1/1 Printing Plate!!!!!!
2009 Bowman Chrome Magenta Printing Plate Daniel Murphy 1/1

    My first Mets printing plate! My first Mets 1/1!

  But wait there's more........
  1/1 Printing Plate #2
2007 Topps Updates Cyan Printing Plate Ramon Castro 1/1

   My second Mets printing plate! second Mets 1/1!

   Tim collects printing plates so for him to send me these was way cool of him. I am sending him one back along with some other stuff but I surely couldn't be happier about what he sent. Thanks a whole lot Tim!

    As I posted yesterday, I stopped by my LCS this week and among my main reason of picking up pages for the binders and something for the "secret project" I may have mentioned in past posts, I grabbed some six loose cards. You saw the 3 Pinnacle Mint Collection cards and coins yesterday. Here's the others.
   A Canseco Jersey card from his White Sox days and a Kellen Clemens event worn throwback jersey card. The Canseco is actually for the Cards with American flag collection. I love the bargain binder he has there. There was also a high school aged kid in the shop with a bunch of sweet cards that he got at a local show last weekend and he decided he didn't want this little gem and sold it to me.

   A 2005 Zenith Nolan Ryan gu jersey card. My first Ryan game used for the collection. Sorry Sam, (of The Daily Dimwit fame) this one is staying with my collection. Just for fun, I would like everybody to leave a comment on what a fair price would be, I want to see if I made the kid a fair offer.

   Don't forget to check out The Pack Rip Cafe for an NFL pack and become a follower so you don't miss any of the action.

  That's all I have for now.
                  Keep rockin those cardboard dreams!

Go Jets!

Thanks for Reading!


Charles @ Hoopography said...

Sweet stache on that Gordon card.

I hate the Jets with all my heart (I have to, I'm a Bills fan), but I despise Ben Worthlessburger even more because of his poor treatment toward women. So I "Can't Wait" for the J.E.T.S., Jets! Jets! Jets! to go to the Super Bowl.

SpastikMooss said...

Glad you liked them dude!

caljr3000 said...

Two printing plates?! MADNESS! Nice stuff, dude.

hiflew said...

Sweet cards man.

That Canseco fits my theme of uniforms that don't seem to fit. I don't remember him playing for the White Sox.

Word verification: cropme...I'll have to start using that

Greg Zakwin said...

$10 for the Nolan? Maybe....

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