Monday, December 13, 2010

A Redemption Arrives, Some Freebies Too, A Contest Plug, and Another Tidbit.

   Hey all. The mailman left me 2 fun envelopes amongst the bills, junk, and solicitations for charity today. First up is one of the two 2010 Red Hot Rookies redemptions I've been waiting for. It's #7 Domonick Brown of the Phillies. I entered the code June 1st so a little over six months was the wait.

2010 Red Hot Rookie Domonic Brown
     I think these look great, a little like the orange bordered refractors in the chrome value packs. As usual the pictures don't look any where near as good as in person.

    The backs look basically the same as the regular release except for the "RHR" in the card number. I also have shown the original redemption card. I really like the fact that everything is online now so you can keep the original redemption cards now.
    I am still waiting for #4 Mike Stanton (Marlins) that I redeemed on June 11th. If time is the same I should see that one on December 23rd. We'll see about that.

   The next order of business is some free cards I scored from Bryce over at Stax Of Wax Pax. He was doing some fall cleaning and had some extra basketball cards he was kind enough to give away. Wile I do very little basketball stuff (I may have 3 pages worth) I was happy to add two legend's cards into the limited collection.
    A great looking Magic and Dr. J! You can't go wrong with these two for sure.
    He also had a Shawn Kemp that will look great in the cards with American flags collection

   Thanks again Bryce!

   On another plain out in Blogoland, The Cardboard Connection is having a contest for a box of 2010 Topps Sterling. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and/or their feed and your in. Just tell them that you saw it here on BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet so when you win, I win something too.

  Finally I will end this post with another tidbit.

   Personal hygiene left much room for improvement. As a result, many women and men had developed acne scars by adulthood. The women would spread bee's wax over their facial skin to smooth out their complexions. When they were speaking to each other, if a woman began to stare at another woman's face she was told, 'mind your own bee's wax.' Should the woman smile, the wax would crack, hence the term 'crack a smile'. In addition, when they sat too close to the fire, the wax would melt . . . Therefore, the expression 'losing face.'


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the sewingmachineguy said...

I got my Red Hot #8 today. Another blogger got one too (I forget who).

dawgbones said...

Let's try this again.... That Brown card is schweet! and I'm cracking all sorts of smiles with Mr. Lee's decision yesterday!!

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