Thursday, December 16, 2010

Contests Galore and A Few Other Happenings Around Blogoland. 200th Post

     Hello again readers. I only now just realized that this is my 200th post so I didn't prepare any special post to commemorate this little milestone. Instead I will just say Thank You to all of you who for some unknown reason care about what I do here on BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet and come back regularly to see what I am up to. I truly appreciate all those who have commented, made trades with me, or just came by to read something. Don't worry though, there are plenty of other spots out in Blogoland to celebrate stuff so here's a little guide. There seems to be quite a few contests going on all over the place so I figured I would give you a little rundown.
   Since you are here already you might as well look at my little contest HERE where I am giving away some repacked fun (and something up your alley too) and it's an easy one.
   After you guess my magic number you can head on over to All About Cards and vote for some Sports Card Awards and have a shot at what promises to be a great prize. The nominees are preparing their speeches so vote away.
    When you leave the ballot box you can hop a ride over too My Cardboard Mistress to celebrate his 100th post by answering 10 questions about his blog's first 99 posts. I'll give you a hint, I participated along the way.
    Once you finish cake and champagne over there you can hail a cab and shoot over to The Daily Dimwit's place, watch a video and then pick your favorites with a chance to win them. He'll even trade you for some of the others too.
    If your head isn't spinning too much after all that you can catch the subway to the Sharpe Since 92 compound, put on your thinking cap and try to break another one of his mind boggling code contests. I have no clue so I will just watch from the stands on this one.
    Following all that fun, walk on over to Enough Already and find out what the holiday season is all about, plus by doing the right thing you can win some cool holiday swag. If you only enter one contest, this is the one for sure.

   After you get all through that gauntlet of contests relax and visit The Sewing Machine Guy's workshop and see his finished project for his grandson. All I can say is a great use of doubles. Stax of Wax Pax is giving away some 2003 Portraits and has a link to his E-Bay listings. Some cool cards up for sale there. Spastic Moose is heading home for the holidays so he's on a posting hiatus but fear not, he will still talk trade with you if you wish. Cardboard Collection's Colbey (aka FlyWheels) got hooked up by his secret Santa and has some new trade lists up. As always, don't forget to check out The Pack Rip Cafe for my latest loose pack fun and let's get some more followers over there.

Thare you go, plenty of action from all corners of Blogoland so head on out and have a ball. I couldn't have my 200th post without a picture of a great Mets card so here is my first "Card of the Day" subject from back on Feb.6, 2010. (my sixth post overall)

Thanks for Reading!


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