Monday, December 20, 2010

Million Card GiveAway Goals

  Hey all. It seems like a lot of people are having their Million Card Giveaway cards sent and there seems to be mixed reviews. I have decided to focus on my team card collection through the codes I have redeemed. I currently have 49 cards in my portfolio with 21 being team card keepers. (I have a 78 Angels also that I don't need). I have 10 other cards that I am looking to keep so I do have some traders left over. I have decided to go after the 1972 Team Cards as a set. I have 9 in the portfolio .....

UPDATE: Brewers Obtained

  I also have the Yankees here in my collection so that makes 10 of the 24 team cards from the 72 set. If anybody has any of the 14 that I still need (ironic that I still need the Mets) in your portfolio (or at home too) Shoot me an e-mail and we can make a trade. I have some older cards I can trade in my portfolio, I wouldn't expect to trade a 2001 Ivan Rodriguez for them like people keep asking me to so lets make a deal. I also would be happy to make a real through the mail trade too. Let me know.

Thanks for Reading!

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OfficialBaseballcards said...

Aww my Astros lol

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