Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Starting To Feel Like Christmas Here At The Buffet, Secret Santa Included

     Hello again all. With Christmas rapidly approaching, the mailbox has been full with holiday cards from friends and family and the UPS man is a regular at the door with the online orders of gifts for the family. I received a couple of surprise Christmas cards this week from out in Blogoland as well. First I got a card from Larry (aka Mariner 1) of  Emerald City Diamond Gems .

   To my surprise when I opened it up to read, these cards came falling out.

 Some sweet vintage Mets! The Al Jackson is my first 1963 card and I may have had maybe 7 or 8 Saints cards from before 2000 so the two Manning's are great additions to my limited football collections. Thanks Larry!

    Yesterday another holiday card arrived from Tim, a reader who I've also traded with and he too had a surprise inside for me.

    A Tom Glavine card I didn't have. I like the fact that Willie Randolph has a cameo in this one too. Thanks Tim!

    Now today the Christmas Spirit continued to invade my mailbox when a package game from my Secret Santa. Sarah from A Rookie Baseball Card Collector put together a Secret Santa group and I joined up for some of the fun. As the rules go, you don't know who the person is getting a present for you and the return address on the mailer was addressed Secret Santa. The address didn't ring a bell either so I still didn't know who it was that drew me in the random. Inside was some great stuff of blue and orange so the mystery giver obviously knew me well.
   A Gooden on steroids along with a sweet Wright insert, a Beltran, and a Thole RC. Still no note so I still don't know who sent these.

    Next in line, a hit! 

    A Mike Cameron First Name Bases auto. Awesome, this is my first Cameron auto for the collection. Still no note but another card.

   A John Maine Inkredibe auto. I for some reason have very good luck with John Maine hits as I have pulled a few myself and have gotten several others through trades. This one is a great one to add to the collection. I sure hope he comes back strong next season.

  Here  are the backs.
   And stuck to the back of the Maine auto top loader was this business card.........

    Colbey (aka Fly Wheels) was my Secret Santa, way cool!!  We have made several trades so he knew exactly what I would like and nailed it, plus he is an all around great guy. I am very happy with the package, thanks Colbey, you rock!

There you have it, some holiday cheer, mailbox style.

Thanks for Reading!

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Colbey (flywheels) said...

Glad you like the choices! My Secret Santa did a great job too so I felt like he set the bar pretty high. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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