Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick Post Card Of The Day (Big Tipper Edition)

   Hello all. A quick post tonight as there in not a lot of spare time around here at The Buffet. My daughters Sweet 16 is this week and we are in full speed ahead trying to get every thing ready for the party.
      I have a Card of the Day for you to enjoy. I hear he is a big tipper.

2008 Allen and Ginter Jeff Francoeur game used jersey.

Last week the Mets clubhouse manager Charlie Samuals was linked to mob gambling and his relationship with players has come into question. This story in the Daily News this week sheds some light on the situation including the info on Francoeur giving Samuals a $50,000 tip when he was traded to the Rangers this past season.

This card is up for trade.

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Fuji said...

Damn... didn't know Samuals was linked to the mob... that's crazy!

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