Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Topps Update Jumbo Box Break.

   Hello all. Today I have a jumbo box of 2010 Topps Update to show as I put together the final parts of the 2010 collections.  As usual I go with the jumbo box since you should get most of the base set, more cards, more inserts and 3 hits compared to the standard hobby box.

The base cards are nice and follow the same design as series one and two so I won,t bother with any pictures as we have all seen the design before and I have plenty of pictures of the rest of the box. I did complete all 330 cards in the update series.

 First up is the box topper, a rookie chrome refractor.

Mike Leake (Reds)
This card is up for trade

Next up is the Turkey Red inserts. I got ten of these (one per pack).

 I am putting this set together so any help is appreciated.

The ever popular Cards Your Mother Threw Out inserts are next. I got ten of these (one per pack) as well as one original back.

 I love this insert set so I am building this set but the original back Killabrew is up for trade.

The next group is the Legendary Lineage set. I got eight of these.
 I am not chasing this set so the four on the left side are available. The four on the right are going into my player/team collections.

Gold parallels are next. I got ten of these (one per pack).

 Too bad I am not a Red Sox collector. These are up for trade except for the Swisher and maybe the Strasburg. I am very disappointed in the black serial numbering on the Topps stuff this year and the updates are still black and even smaller then the series 1 and 2.

Tales of the Game get tagged with the title "More" added in this series. I got ten of these (one per pack).

 I am not putting this set together so they are up for trade except the Ruth and Youngblood. Not cool Topps, 3 doubles in the same box.

More vintage designs with the Vintage Legends Collection.

 Another set I love so I must build it. Topps once again missed with three doubles out of eight. The Hornsby and Foxx Doubles are up for trade.

Peak Performance cards were light as only four packs had one.
 I am not trying for this set so these are available.

Attax code cards came one per pack too.

I am only keeping the Wright so all others are up for trade.

Million Card Giveaway came one per pack as well.
I am close to completing this set as there are only 30 different cards in all three series. I redeemed these codes and would say the lot I got was 50/50 as far as good cards and junk. Is anybody still checking this site?

Next up is a couple of odd cards.
 I got these two SPs. The Getz is the Rookie Cup variation from his series 2 card. It is number 508, same as his series 2 card. The Mickey Mouse is one of ten All-Star game cards. I definitely want to build this ten card set as I like them very much.

Now for the hits!
 Peak Performance Andre Ethier auto, Yadier Molina All-Star workout jersey, Billy Wagner Silk 42/50. These are all up for trade. Looking for cool Mets in return.

This next card ranks as one of the best pulls I ever had!

David Wright Manufactured Bat Barrel Black Parallel 17/25

All I can say is wow! I know some people don't like the manu stuff but I do and this is a sweet bat barrel card. Sure I wish it was real but still way cool in it's own right.

It looks like I got an extra hit in the silk. Are silks considered hits?
Over all I am happy with my results although I did not get the #661 Strasburg so I have to find one to complete all of the base for 2010.

There you have it, my 2010 Topps Update jumbo box.

I have updated my sidebar link for 2010 needs to include the update inserts I need as well.

Check out the Pack Rip Cafe for a trip back to 1995.

Thanks for reading!


(...Joe) said...

I will give you my first born child in exchange for that Wright card.


Nice pull dude, congrats!

Charles @ Hoopography said...

That silk card is cool, but no doubt, that black e'd/25 bat card is sweet!!!

Looks like a fun product to open.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

Only 5 of the Mickey Mouse cards are in the update. The first 5 came some other way that I cant remember.

Anonymous said...

Can i make an offer for that Foxx double??

Captain Canuck said...

awesome to pull a hit of your favourite player.... I've never done that in any sport.

lmk if you ever want to trade that Billy Wagner...

Spankee said...

Man, I am completely jealous of the Wright. I want one of those soooo bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those guys that's not a fan of the manufactured stuff. But maybe I'm just bitter because I'm getting my behind handed to me in our fantasy football league. Anyway, I'll have to dig up something to trade for that Yadier Molina jersey card. I've got a jumbo box on the way too. I'll have to post the hits when it gets here.

Colbey (flywheels) said...

I've got an extra #661 Strasburg for you...

night owl said...

I don't like those manu thingies at all. I keep envisioning them wedging a piece of a wiffle bat in there and stamping on an auto.

You know I want the Ethier auto. But I don't have anything really cool Mets-wise right now.

Play at the Plate said...

If you had to pull a manu-bat, and it had to be numbered to 25, how great is it that you got your favorite player. That's great. Congrats!

TSHenson said...

Would you mind putting the Indians in particular the Carlos Santana cards in with the trade that we have already agreed upon? I am working on sorting the cards out for you and hope to have them to you soon.

Play at the Plate said...

As far as the code cards, I still check the site every night and still get about 40 or so trade offers per day. I haven't redeemed a code in a long time, but I still make trades. I just traded for another '56 PATP card that will be posted soon.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pulls! I'm definitely interested in the Killebrew, the Walter Johnson, and maybe the Strasburg if you decide to deal it. I'll shoot you an email.

GA Mindset said...

If you haven't traded off that Wagner silk card, I'd love to put something together for you. I've been chasing a silk card and I don't have any Wagner ones at all. I'll see what I can help you with.

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