Thursday, November 4, 2010

NPN Scores and group break plugs.

   Hey again all. Today I have a quick post on some NPN (No Purchase Necessary) cards I got in the mail over the last year or two. I have been pretty lucky in that I probably have gotten 10 or so free cards from the NPN programs each of the card companies have. That's where you mail in your address on an index card and they draw some of them for a free card. I believe they are always inserts or parallels as that's all I have ever gotten. Donruss/ Panini and Topps various divisions (A&G, Bowman, etc.) have been my most sucessful in quantity while I have only hit one Upper Deck NPN. Here are 3 that I have scored in the mail. Keep in mind that all three are up for trade as they don't really fit into my collections.

Manny Ramirez A&G Baseball Highlights from the 09 set. Nice looking insert.

Curtis Granderson Topps Chrome X-Fractor from the 09 set. I can always appreciate the shiny chromes.

 This third one is my most recent and the first one I have scored from Upper Deck and they sure did well.

2010 Greats of the Game Basketball Mateen Cleaves auto (Michigan State).

  A free auto card, not too shabby! I have not been shy about the fact that I am a Topps guy but Upper Deck sometimes surprises me with stuff like this. While I appreciate free cards from any company, this is the best score I have had so far. They even sent a nice little form letter with it.

  Thanks to all the card companies that I have received NPN's from and I will be continuing to mail in those index cards.

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Another great break is happening over at Cardboard Collections and Colbey never disappoints so head on over and tell him I sent you so I can get a little bonus from him.

Thanks for Reading!

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Anonymous said...

I really dig that Manny Ramirez A&G. I'm not a big Manny fan, but the design of that card is sa-weeeet!!! Thanks for posting about the NPN cards. I've never sent in for those before...but now I will.

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