Friday, November 12, 2010

A couple of breaks and some contests.

    Things are very busy here around the Buffet so posts have been thin lately. Thing are busy out in Blogoland too so here are a few plugs for some of the action.

Group break over at Nachos Grande. He's bustin up the following.
1998 Pinnacle Performers - 24 packs (8 cards per pack)
2000 Topps Stars - 24 packs (6 cards per pack)
2000 Topps Stadium Club Hobby - 24 packs (6 cards per pack)
2001 Topps HD - 20 packs (4 cards per pack)
2000 Fleer Focus - 24 packs (10 cards per pack)
There are still good spots left so check it out.
Another group break is going down tonight over at My Past Time……. I Love It!! The wicked one is busting 20 boxes of 80's and 90's classic wax. If you hurry you can still get in at less than $1 per box. It goes off at 10pm eastern time.

A contest is running over at The Other World so go on over and see what questions about him you can get right.

The Mojo side of The MojoBeard is running a guessing game with purple refractors so go ahead and pick a number.

A blog I just found out about is also running a contest. Henchmeister's Junk Blog is going 1990 Upper Deck and all you have to do is figure out what team is most prevalent in half his box.

There you have it, plenty of other spots to check out while the Buffet is tending to business on the busy home front.

Thanks for Reading!

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