Friday, July 2, 2010

More Mailbox Goodies Delivered To The Buffet

     Hey all. Today I have more mailbox goodies from back during the two weeks of craziness of overtime and fundraising. The first package is from Chris, aka Fan Of Reds, from Nachos Grande. We hooked up on a 2010 Topps inserts for inserts deal. I sent a bunch of Peak Performance among other stuff and I got these.

Three Legendary Lineage and another Turkey Red off the list.

Two Cards Your Momma Tossed original backs, a blank sketch card, and an awesome Thurman 
Munson short print parallel. Thanks Chris!!

Next up is a package from Nick, aka LongLiveThe Who, at For Cards Sake. I commented on an SP Top Prospects Game Used Bat Piece Alex Escobar card he posted about and a deal was in motion. I sent him some Yankees and Roy Halladay cards and he hooked me up with these.

The Escobar bat plus his base, a Fonzie, and a Delgado sn'd 06/49.

Three Great Jose Reyes cards and a Pedro to go with them.

Thanks Nick! I hope you like what I sent.
Don't forget to check out my latest venture over at BA Benny's Pack Rip Cafe. Today I have a pack of the hottest thing at the moment, 2010 Allen & Ginter.

Thanks for Reading!

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longlivethewho said...

Glad you enjoyed the cards. I won't be able to savor your package until Wednesday (vacation). Sure it will be great! Good luck with the new blog!

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