Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Drank the Orange stuff and 2 Rockies ended up in my mailbox

Hello all. I am back from a great family vacation in the Outer Banks part of North Carolina and things are piling up here at the Buffet. I have so much to catch up on between my job, home chores and blog stuff so here is a quick hit from an envelope I have had sitting around waiting to be posted.

    A little while back, Dave of Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid held a contest to try and find a solution to storing his tobacco sized cards and all who offered suggestions were entered to win some jersey cards. After several good ideas were submitted he took all our names and threw them into the Random.org virtual shake up machine and after 5 randomizations (Thanks to his son for picking 5) my name was on top. Here are the prize cards:

2002 Topps 206
Larry Walker Game Worn Jersey (Rockies)
Todd Helton Game Worn Jersey (Rockies)

An appropriate prize, a couple of great tobacco sized cards. These are already set for storage though. Thanks for a great contest Dave.

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Thanks for Reading!


timmy519 said...

i still have the cards you want

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, I just got the cards you sent from your free break. I've got some Met stuff to send you in return, I'll send it out when I get a chance and you can send me the stuff you've got for me whenever.

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