Monday, July 5, 2010

Mike Pelfrey Collectibles Is Cleaning Out His Closet. I Need Addresses

      Hey again all. Today I have some cards from Mike Pelfrey Collectibles as he is thinning out his collection and changing the direction of his blog so his sale of cards was a great score for me. It always feels better spending some money to help out a fellow blogger then just funding an anonymous E-bay seller. On with the loot.

2009 Topps Chrome Daniel Murphy Blue Refractor sn'd 068/199
2009 Topps Chrome Daniel Murphy Gold Refractor sn'd 47/50
2009 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor sn'd 241/250

Three shiny Murphys for the refractor book.

2008 Baseball Heroes Billy Wagner gu jersey sn'd 120/200
2010 Topps Peak Performance Daniel Murphy gu bat
2010 Topps Peak Performance Bobby Parnell auto

My first Mets 2010 Peak Performance relic and auto and another color for the Wagner collection.

John Maine
2009 Upper Deck triple jersey sn'd 99/99
2009 Topps Silk sn'd 21/50
2008 SP Legendary Cuts gu jersey

Three very nice John Maine cards. Too bad he is on the verge of being a total bust as he has some sweet cards out there. I only need a dual of him from 09 UD to go with the single and triple I have now.

Carlos Beltran
2008 Upper Deck Heroes gu jersey sn'd 068/200
2007 Ultimate America's Pastime gu patch sn'd 33/50
2005 UD Origins gu jersey
Three awesome Beltrans to add to the book. Way cool patch, zoom in on it.

 2005 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Robin Ventura gu jersey sn'd 059/100
2003 UD Authentics Star Quality Tom Seaver gu jersey sn'd 187/350
2005 UD Reflections Carlos Beltran / Ken Griffey Jr. dual gu jerseys sn'd 031/225

Three more super cards that will be gems in the collections.

A fantastic haul of sweet cards for the collection.

On another note I need addresses from some of you for the free group break I did last month.
  • gcrl
  • priceless pursuit
  • wicked ortega
  • madding
  • Andrew
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Let's Go Mets!

Thanks for Reading!


TheBrooklynMet said...

You picked up some nice stuff!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the cards! Thanks for helpin me out and its great to know that there in the good hands of a true mets fan!

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