Friday, June 1, 2012

Some Light Reading For Team Collectors plus a Contest Pimp

   Hello all. A very busy week at work, coaching pee wee baseball, and buying my daughter a car has kept me from posting for a few days but tonight I get a few minutes to show off some "light reading material" for team collectors, well for a few teams at least. (contest pimp to follow)

   In 1988 Donruss releases Team Collection books for what appears to be only 5 teams. The Mets, Yankees, A's, Cubs, and Red Sox.

The Strawberry card is just for comparison of size

  I tried to find out why only 5 teams were represented in this format but came up empty. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

   Each book has 27 cards from the 88 Donruss set across 3 uncut pages however they include a few players not in the regular standard set.  I will use the Mets (of course) book to show the format.

    An autograph section for each player on the inside cover is a nice idea. It would be awesome to get all 27 players to sign in the same book. Most cards on the sheet look the same.......

    Notice the card backs on the left side. (you can click to enlarge the picture) The card numbers seem to copy the  regular set except for one, Mackey Sasser's card number is NEW. I guess the regular set was designed and numbered before he was traded from the Pirates to the Mets on March 26, 1988. The Gene Walter and Jeff Innis are the same on the other pages.

 Also included is a Stan Musial 24 piece puzzle. The regular set had the same puzzle except it was 63 pieces.

    The inside back cover has a nice piece of info on the stadium and team history.

There you go 1988 team collectors books by Donruss.

     In other Blogoland happenings, It's like having my own card shop is having a contest and pimping another cool blog Hello, Victory. Check it out and jump on in.

That's all for now, keep rocking your cardboard dreams!

Let's Go Mets!

Thanks for Reading!


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