Monday, June 4, 2012

Got Wood? 1995 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks Do!

   Hello all. Today I have some fun from back in 1995 to show off. Back in 95' Donruss released their Leaf Limited product which was split into two 96 card series with this being their answer to Topps Finest, SP, Flair, etc. The big insert set were the Lumberjacks inserts sn'd to /5000 with numbers 1 thru 8 in series one and 9 thru 16 in series two.

1995 Lumberjacks #7 of 16 Kirby Puckett 3371/5000
    The front had a wooden material to simulate the feel of wood, a bat perhaps, and really has a very nice look and feel to them.

    The backs have a glossy look and feel with the serial number stamped on it. These are great cards and really stand out for their era before autos and relics took over the industry. Here is the checklist if you feel like a fun challenge to put the set together.

Series One
1 Albert Belle
2 Barry Bonds
3 Juan Gonzalez
4 Ken Griffey Jr.
5 Fred McGriff
6 Mike Piazza
7 Kirby Puckett
8 Mo Vaughn

Series Two
9 Frank Thomas
10 Jeff Bagwell
11 Matt Williams
12 Jose Canseco
13 Raul Mondesi
14 Manny Ramirez
15 Cecil Fielder
16 Cal Ripken

     I won't be chasing the set but am on the lookout for the Bonds, Griffey Jr, Piazza, Thomas, and Ripken. These are great looking inserts and are a great addition to any collection. I gotta find a pack 95 Leaf Limited for The Pack Rip Cafe to see if I can get lucky and find another one. I believe they are seeded 1:23 packs or just under one per box.

     Check out The Pack Rip Cafe today for some early 90's hoops Team USA style.

Keep rocking those cardboard dreams!

Let's Go Mets!

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