Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flea Markets, Yes or No?

    Hello all. In case you didn't know, one Mr Fuji has started his summer contest so this is my answer to his first question. Here it is:
Do you ever go to flea markets in search of collectibles? If so, what are some of your favorite flea market purchases?

     I love to go to flea markets in search for hidden treasures. I always have an eye out for CD's and DVD's for those collections as well as baseball cards and other trading cards as well. I only have one regularly scheduled flea market in my general area so after the first few trips of the season good scores are hard to find. Sometimes some great deals come along like full binders of star and semi star players fall into my lap for 5-10 bucks but then there are also the dealers who think that all cards from the early 80's are worth big bucks just because they are 30 plus years old. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. I also love the church sales and garage sales to try and find hidden treasures.

Thanks for the fun contest Fuji!

Let's Go Mets

Thanks for Reading!

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Fuji said...

Lol... I completely understand what you mean. It kills me when I find "junk wax era" cards that I really want (like Gwynn and Maddux)... but they want 10x their realistic value.

One guy at my local FM has a ton of awesome 80's oddball cards. There so cool... that I check them out every time I hit that particular FM. But he is totally unrealistic in his prices, so I just look and move along. I don't even make offers anymore.

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