Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Legends Of The Hall and a Contest.

     Hello all. Today I am back to show off an item I picked up at my local card shop a couple of months ago during one of my weekly visits. John, who runs the shop for the owner who is ill after her husband passed away in March of 2011, had been talking up this product he had gotten in and after several prior visits of passing on it I decided to pick a box up. Historic Autographs presents Legends Of The Hall 2012 is the name and it each box consists of one graded autographed post card from a Hall of Fame player. 

     The artwork on the box itself is great.

      The checklist is awesome (click to enlarge).  While I am not a huge collector of non Mets and Yankees old time players this checklist offered quite the selection of legends so I figured the odds were decent. Several players were Yankees along with a few Mets and a number of other players I do collect so I decided to take a chance on one of these boxes.

    Let's see what HOF'er I ended up with.

Gold Hall of Fame Plaque Postcard Tom Seaver 23/26

      Way cool! A Tom Terrific auto graded 9 and sn'd 23/26. The Gold Hall of Fame Plaque Postcard  is the most common version of these across the list but still rare in it's low number. John was thrilled that I pulled a Met since he felt like he talked me into buying it but I surely couldn't lose off that checklist. The framing around the postcard is pretty cool also.

The Back

   A home run for me! I normally don't go for the one hit only in a box but I just took a chance since he had nothing new at the time and I wanted to open something a little out of my regular collecting realm.

    In writing this post I decided to throw in a little mini contest. All you need to do is be a follower and answer a question on this post.
   How much do you think I paid for this product and what would you be willing to pay judging by the checklist.

  Spread the word and I will double your entries to two, just leave me a link in the comment with your answer. I will run it for a few days and do the Random dot org thing to pick the winner.  Now for the prize.

2012 Topps Tribute #91 Roberto Clemente and #55 Willie McCovey
2004 Bowman #173 Brad Sullivan Auto (on card)
2010 Bowman Sterling # USAR-38 Noe Ramirez game worn jersey
2002 Inkworks #PW2 Sharon Osborne sweatshirt relic

   There you go, not the best of prizes but still some fun cards. My comments have been few as of late so a little bribery plus I want to give some stuff away so let's here what you think people. 

    Don't forget about The Pack Rip Cafe with a new pack today.

     Also a reminder of a great break over at Cardboard Conundrum, I heard a rumor of reduced prices so check out the best of Topps 2012 so far.

     That's a wrap for now, keep rocking your cardboard dreams gang!

Let's Go Mets!

Thanks For Reading!


The Dimwit said...

I am going to guess $65... and you've been pimped!

Mariner1 said...

I'll take a wild gues and say it set you back $40. Nice pull for you being that you are a Mets fan!

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

I'm going to say $69.90 and consider yourselg pimped kind sir!


thanks for the contest!

Skroeker said...

I'll guess $55 that you paid. Since I'm not a gambler, I'd pay $20...

The Lost Collector said...

Im going to say $49.99. A little rich for my blood.

daddyohoho said...

55 is my guess.


Anonymous said...

I'd guess $45, and I'm not much of a gambler either, so I would probably only do $25-30 on it.

dgreen1899 said...

It looks like it would be about a $75 product...but I'd say you paid $30.

And, I pimped you at http://dgreen1899.blogspot.com/2012/06/they-call-me-huggy-bearcuz-im-pimp.html

Matt said...

I'll say it was $35, since 40 is taken, although there's a lot of long-deceased Hall of Famers in there.

I think since I could probably find a trading partner, I'd be willing to take the chance for 30 or so.

Also, promoted here yesterday:

Kazi said...

79.99 it will be at http://hockeykazi.blogspot.ca/

Martin Seaboyer said...

I guess $38.79.

BA Benny said...

As per Justin. Browser issue.

"I think you paid $50, and since I like to play it safe, I would probably pay ~$30"

Also, glad to have you back in the blogosphere (wouldn't let me post that comment either. :)

-- Justin (cubsfan731/piratesfan731/High-Five Man

dogfacedgremlin said...

I'm going out on a limb here and saying $46. I can't see it costing anymore than that. Since I'm not a baseball collector necessarily, so I don't think I could go more than about $20. You are right though, it's an awesome checklist.

PS. That Sharon Osbourne card freaks me out.

Kirk Jacobson said...

$33, why not?

Stealing Home said...

my guess: you paid $55.99

i would pay: $40 because i hope to get it on clearance blow out price !

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