Sunday, May 29, 2011

Now Serving Sushi Here On The Buffet

   Hello all. To say I have been very busy lately is a huge understatement. Between extra work hours, assistant coaching a couple of my nieces softball teams, preparing for a graduation party for my son, opening (and repairing) my pool for another season, and redoing the landscaping and fence repairs in my backyard along with garage cleaning I have had next to no time for blogging and I really miss it and all you great people out there. I have been able to read and comment a bit from  while at work during down time and so at least I get to read some of the great blogs I enjoy out there. To all that I have proposed trades with out there, please be patient as I am working on them. While blogging has been scarce I have been able to acquire cards from my LCS's and other places so trade fodder is coming in. Any way I also have fallen behind on some trade packages so today while I have some time waiting for my pool to finish filling up I will get one done for you.
   While I don't like fish, I have become a big fan of Nomo's Sushi Platter. I actually have two trades in one to cover since we have made a couple in recent months. There were so many great cards so I will show a few of my favorites. Some Goudey and Masterpieces boxes he busted got the whole thing started but as usual things grew into a great trade.
    First just a few of the Mets included.

    The Rivals cards a real sharp in person and I love the Mr. Met on the Wright Goodwin.

   Some Yankees next.
    You know he was breaking Upper Deck so YSL's had to be in there. The Heritage work well for me since I am not buying much of them this year.

    Michael hit some of the non Met and Yanks players I collect in each package too.
     Vlad, Frank, Andre, Ichiro and even the liar Roger are always welcome into my collections.

    It's always a little more special to me when I get players I collect from the team that the person I am trading with collects. These Dodgers fit that bill coming from the Sushi Platter.
     All the Hershiser's increase my Orel collection by about 40%.

    Some more Dodgers I collect and some juicier cards.
    Two green framed (or is it Windsor, I can never remember the Masterpieces colors) look great and you can never go wrong with shiny X-Fractors.

 Now the heavy hitters in the two packages.
     The Vlad auto is my first sample of his penmanship, the Ripken is my first hit of any kind from the Iron Man and the Maine is a great looking auto too.

   Thanks a bunch for a couple of super trades Michael and I will surely love to have Sushi here on The Buffet any time!

     Gotta run, the water level is getting high now.

Keep rocking your cardboard dreams people!

Thanks For Reading!


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