Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Too Many Verlanders Never Has Too Many Traders! Bargain Group Break Plug Also.

    Hello all. Crazy busy at work and home along with many softball games to coach for my daughter and niece has kept me from posting much lately. Today I present just a small sample of yet another tremendous trade package from Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders. (formally Too Many Grandersons). I guess Justin Verlanders no-no against the Jays last Saturday (my sons 18th birthday by the way) has inspired him to change the name, I like it! It seem like Dennis and I are always involved in some kind of trade at all times as since this package of assorted treats arrived we already have begun talks for our next one (I just found another jersey card I think you may like Dennis). This latest Mailer of NY goodness hit all kinds of spots in my way to broad collecting wants. Let's start with the surprise cards and end with the meat of the trade.

     A small sample of the Mets he sent.
    There were several 09 Bowman golds in there, these are my favorite 3 along with a couple of Henderson's and a Ventura. Ventura reminds me of a good joke. How do you make an All-Star player? ............
     Trade him from the Mets!  Just as Jeff Francoeur.

    Next the Yankees made an appearance.
      More Bowman golds in a great mix of years and brands. He even hit the American flag collection.

     Football was more of the focus in this package too. A small glimpse of the Saints he sent over.
       Loving the black and gold!

         J. E. T. S.  Jets, Jets, Jets!
    The Masterpieces are sweet!

     Big Blue is next.
     The Eli Manning and Y.A. Tittle is my favorite base card from the huge mix he sent on over. There is a small taste of the great stuff I didn't know was coming. Dennis always knows how to hook me up.
  Now to the meat of this fine package.

     The Humber will look great next to the gold version I have and the Redman has a sparkled blue border like a cross of this years Topps sparkles and Opening Day's blue borders. Both on card autos too which is cool. The Albaladejo looks great also.

      More Big Blue treats too.
        A fun variety of autos to add to the collection. Moss, Barden, and Bomar sounds like a law firm.

     These are my two favorites of the awesome lot.
       D Brick is a nice one but the Aaron Brooks looks so awesome. The Topps Gallery cards are too sweet and thank goodness that they went on card with the auto and didn't sticker this way cool card. Sticker autos don't bother me as much as a lot of people out there but in this case it would have been just plain nasty.

    There it is, thanks Dennis, yet another fantastic trade and the next pile of cards I have for you is growing as we speak.

    On the group break front, Colbey over at Cardboard Collections has another one of his wallet friendly way cool breaks happening and there are good teams left. Some are even only $5 shipped so check it out.

That's all I got for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!


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