Thursday, September 27, 2012

Congrats To David Wright!

    Hello all. A Mets milestone was reached last night as David Wright became the all time NY Mets hit leader. He passed Mets legend Ed Kranepool who finished with 1418 hits in a Metropolitan's uniform while David Wright is now at 1422 after today's day game where he hit a 3 run homer to reach that number.
     Mr. Kranepool played all 18 of his major league seasons with NY and still leads in several categories in team history.

Games played ~ 1853 (More then 500 above Bud Harrelson's 1322 and Wright's 1257 in third place.
At Bats ~ 5436 (Wright second at 4725)
Runs scored on a tag up ~ 58 (Tied with Wright)
Plate Appearances  5997 ~ (Wright second at 5433)

He is also second in a couple of categories including doubles (Wright first), and total bases (Wright first).

   It's a great coincidence that I met both players on the same day and had them sign the same ball. I did a post about that day HERE.

   Now let's see what other categories Mr. Wright leads besides hits, doubles, and total bases now.

Runs scored ~ 789 (Reyes second at 735, Kranepool ninth at 536)
RBI's ~ 816 (Strawberry second at 733, Kranepool fifth at 614)
Walks ~ 614 (Strawberry second at 580, Kranepool eighth at 454)
Runs scored on a tag up ~ 58 (Tied with Kranepool)
Extra base hits 544 ~ (Strawberry second at 469 (Kranepool seventh at 368)

He's also second and third in a few other categories.

    If the Mets do the right thing and sign him to another long term deal David wright will lead all time in most of the Mets offensive categories by far.

  Congrats to David Wright on this Mets Milestone.

That's all for now. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams!

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