Friday, September 7, 2012

Are You The Winner?!?

   Hello all. I got delayed last night so I will now post the winner of my contest. Thanks to all who commented, it seems everybody had pretty much the same reaction to how Topps did me wrong. To be honest most of you seemed more pissed off then I was and I love the way you all had my back. So let's get to the winner now. There were 25 comments so that's 25 entrants. Here is the list in order of comment.

  1. The Dimwit
  2. Kazi
  3. irondequoit36
  4. Dhoff
  5. Captain Canuck
  6. Mariner1
  7. Spiegel83
  8. Stealing Home
  9. GCA
  10. Wilson
  11. Dawgbones
  12. Skroeker
  13. High-Five Man
  14. Chunter
  15. Robert ($30 A Week Habit)
  16. daddyohoho
  17. dkwilson
  18. Carlos Salgado
  19. Scott Sawyer
  20. The Lost Collector
  21. Jeff Wilk
  22. Matt Perry
  23. AdamE
  24. Joe Average Card Collector
  25. Play at the Plate
I decided to go with the Random Sequence Generator over at Random dot org.  You can see your number next to your name.

 I hit random 3 times and the number at the top wins on the third screen.



     There you go, #7 is the winner. That makes it Spiegel83 of the great Nomo's Sushi Platter blog.
    I have your address Michael so I will send out the prize cards along with a few extra Dodgers.
    I apologise for the crappy screen captures, I always struggle with them. If you click on them they get a little bigger.
   Thanks to everybody who entered and to all who take time to read my blogs, it is truly appreciated.

Thanks For Reading!


Spiegel83 said...

Awesome!! Thanks dude!

AdamE said...

Whatever happened to best 2 out of 3? :)

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