Friday, May 25, 2012

Old School Players, New School Cards.

   Hello all. Not a lot of time today due to family commitments but I will show off  some cards of legendary players on modern cards with a premium twist. Old school on new school if you will.

2008 Donruss Diamond Kings #DK-30 Duke Snider sn'd 40/50

  The Duke of Flatbush! While I am not a Brooklyn Dodger collector, Duke Snider is a legendary player card looks awesome to me so it has a home in my collection. This DK series looks great, especially the bordered parallels.
   An interesting fact I came across, including Duke Snider only 9 players played for both the Brooklyn Dodgers and the NY Mets.

Bob Aspromonte
Roger Craig
Chico Fernandez
Gil Hodges
Clem Labine
Charlie Neal
Joe Pignatano
Duke Snider
Don Zimmer

2009 Upper Deck Black #32 Paul Hornung sn'd 171/250
American Flag Manu-Patch

   The Golden Boy, legendary Packers star. These many flag cards look sweet. I was torn as to which binder this card should go in but settled on my NFL Legends binder since it came with a Joey Porter card from the same set that will look perfect in my American Flag card collection.
 Interesting fact, he was selected by the New Orleans Saints in the 1967 expansion draft, but retired without ever playing for them.

2001 Bowman Heritage #BHM-RK Ralph Kiner mini seat relic

  This Ralph Kiner seat relic is from Forbes Field, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1909 til 1970. As a Mets fan I always thought "Kiners Korner" was only the name of his Mets post game show but since learned that in his playing days at Forbes Field the left center field bullpen was dubbed "Kiners Korner" due to his habit of hitting home runs there.
   Fun fact, he is the only player to lead the league in home runs each of his first seven seasons in the league.

2001 Donruss Elite Back 2 Back Jacks #BB-45 Yogi Berra... sn'd 32/50
Game Used Bat

   A Yogi bat relic is too cool so when I saw this one I had to have it but when I flipped it over I was way surprised.............
   A Phil Rizzuto bat relic on the flip side. Oh I get it now, Back 2 Back. Sweet card! I tried to find any info on Yogi Berra and Phil Rizzuto hitting back to back homers but came up with nothing, anybody out there know if it ever happened?

    There you go, some old school legends on new school cards. I have to leave you with one vintage old school original card I recently got.

1963 Topps #473 New York Mets

    This card has certainly seen better days but still looks great in the Mets team card pages. If I come across another one reasonably priced I will see about upgrading but for now I still love it.

That wraps up my little contribution to Blogoland tonight.

Keep rocking those cardboard dreams!


arpsmith said...

The dual Yankees GU is really cool but my favorite is the Kiner. Hadn't seen any of those from that set, very nice.

P-town Tom said...

As a Cubs fan I'm sworn to strongly dislike the Mets, especially the '69 Mets. But I gotta say, that '63 team card is pretty sweet.

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