Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mailbox Goodies

    Hello all. Today I was lucky enough to make a trip to Cape May New Jersey and back so I could drop my daughter off at a beach house she and her friends are staying at for the holiday weekend to celebrate their graduation from high school. After approximately 350 miles round trip with a mix of holiday weekend traffic, a stop off at CVS for a few things, and a quick detour to the LCS to grab a box of Archives (a post for another time but needs list is up) all I wanted was to get home and take a load off. My mail box offered a great pick me up when I saw a few of those great little packages we all love as card collectors.
    First envelope was a welcome back to Blogoland package from none other then my brother in blue and orange, The Brooklyn Met from Clear Cut Cards. Jason shot me an e-mail and a trade was born.

   It certainly couldn't be a Brooklyn Met package without some Mets. some Pagan's, a Pedro and some O D's.  I didn't buy but one pack of Opening Day this year so these are a great addition for me. First time since 2006 that I didn't build the Opening day set but they don't offer any different look then the flagship set any more so I have lost interest in doing the full set. If they change them like they used to I may return to them.

    Some crosstown rivals were in the mix. (Subway Series is around the corner). The Grandy Heritage sticker and the blue Tex /2012 top a great lot of Yanks. Throw in a couple of  Dontrelle Willis cards and a couple of 2012 Heritage knocked off my list makes this package a sweet pick me up when I got home.

   After that, a couple of E-Bay envelops round out the mailbox goodies.
 These are from a single auction for the Tom Seaver 04 Legendary Cuts jersey card in the center. The auction stated that there would be "bonus cards" based on the final bid price. I have no complaints as I was the one and only bidder and still ended up with 11 bonus cards that are from a nice mix of sets and years.

   This batch is from a lot of 17 cards I won from one seller. The Clausen patch cards were the first cards I found from the seller and a free combined shipping made me search a little further so these are my favorite eight out of the bunch I ended up with. My first Earl Campbell relic for the legends binder, an Archie Manning jersey along with a Bernie stripe and a fancy Tribute Vlad bat go great with two awesome patches on the Clausen's are a home run for me.

That rounds out the mailbox fun for me today. Thanks again Jason. Don't forget to check out The Pack Rip Cafe if you didn't see the 89 Donruss Pop-Up pack I ripped earlier this week.

Keep rockin those cardboard dreams!

Lets Go Mets!

Thanks for Reading!


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