Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm Back!!! + 2012 Gypsy Queen!

  Hello all!  It's great to be back out here in Blogoland! After a brief (about 9 months) hiatus I am ready to get back to regular posting here on The Buffet and on the Pack Rip Cafe (new pack tomorrow). While I wasn't posting I was still collecting and have some great new and old cards to share along the way with you.
   I must thank all the folks who offered the welcome back comments and e-mails when I posted the announcement a few days ago and can't wait to resume all the fun out here. Mariner 1 got my juices flowing again with some 1979 love along with a few other e-mails from others them a trade request from The Dimwit got me to pull the trigger on the return. I was also very touched to see a few blogs out there were kind enough to mention my return like it is a big deal (when it really isn't) although the Suzyn Waldman reference from Sam over at The Daily Dimwit  never gets less scary. If you never heard it check it out but don't say you weren't warned. As a New Yorker who heard that live when it happened and  many times since, it never gets easier. Thanks for the nightmares Sam.
  I already have 2 trades in the works and my want lists are updated as of today so I am all set. to rock and roll gang.

   I will return with some 2012 Gypsy Queen to get the ball rolling. I bought 2 boxes from my LCS as well as loose packs on other visits and have score some hits on the secondary market (E-Bay) also so I will share some of my favorites with you. I really like this set and 2012 is even better then 2011 in my opinion.  

First a couple of Mets of course.
   Good to see the Reyes as a Met since the jersey piece has to be. Topps got it right for a change by making the base and inserts reflect his new team the Marlins while the relics match the swatch from a Mets uniform. The David Wright was the first hit from the first box I opened so I knew I had to chase the set again.

   A couple of Pettite jersey's along with a legend like Eddie Murray were must have cards when I found their auctions.

    I am loving the minis and have become a huge fan of the minis from all different sets over the last couple of years. These are all regular backs.

    The bottom three here are Straight Cut backs while the top 2 are red backs. The Rod retail Gold was a cheap auction score.

    These premium minis are sweet! I actually pulled all of these myself so now I guess I have to chase the Gehrig mini rainbow, any help out there.

  Now here are some other relics and autos I have pulled along the way, traders if anybody is interested.

    The Braun auto relic redemption is probably the best in the bunch (lets see how long it takes to get here) but there are some other good ones in there too.

    There you have it, a small look into my 2012 Gypsy Queen endeavor. I have a want list on the sidebar but now have to go change it as while writing this post Sam from The Dimwit just e-mailed me with a bunch of cards I need. You rock Sam!! I also have to compile a list of minis I need.

That's all I have for the return of the Buffet. It's awesome to be back and thanks again for all the love out there for my blogs.

Keep rocking your cardboard dreams people!

Thanks For Reading!


Dhoff said...

Nice Gypsy pulls. So glad to see you back. We'll have to get a trade going soon.

FanOfReds said...

Welcome back!

Spankee said...

Glad to see you back in action!

Cardhobbyist said...

Welcome Back!

Dennis said...

What they said--great to have you back, buddy! I've got a package of cards to send to you that I've been waiting on for over a year! Bring on that trademark BA Benny Magic.

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