Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Trade Pile and a Contest Plug

   Hello all. I have begun my 11 night stint at my kids former grammar school's fund raising festival running the black jack portion of their gambling tent so posts will be short and sweet for the next week and a half or so. I will begin a new trade pile today. Chris over at Nacho's Grande grabbed the first one at just one card which is fine by me. You know the routine by now, I post a card pile and add to it at random intervals til somebody grabs it for a card (or cards if you like) from my "Wanted Table".

2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars Manny Ramirez (Red Sox)

   First one to claim the pile gets it.

   A reminder to go on over to Jaybarkerfan's Junk where he  is holding a contest. Start following and tell him I sent you and we can both win some prizes.

That's all for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!

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FanOfReds said...

I'm a big fan of more than one trade pile going on at once on the blogs... I gotta find something else for my next one! Maybe tomorrow I'll restart.

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