Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Couple Of Contest Plugs and the Texas Rangers Are A Class Act

   Hey all. A quick hit before I catch up on some sleep before a 100 degree scorcher here in NYC tomorrow. A couple of contest happenings out there with some sweet prizes to report. First up This Card Is Cool  has a cool card contest with 4 prizes so go on over and check it out. This blog is new to me and I like what a see so far. Another spot in Blogoland that I have just found, Buckeye State's Trading Post is also having a contest for some great looking cards so head there next. I look forward to reading this new to me blog also. Finally, I saw a really awesome story about the Texas Rangers drafting a paralyzed player in the draft the other day after he was injured on the field during the season. Check out the whole story HERE on the Sporting News website.

That's all for now. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams!

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hiflew said...

I saw that story and the Rangers immediately went from a team that I didn't care about at all to my top 10 list. The Astros made a similar move with a paralyzed player later on (a JC player, I saw it on a comment board).

The guy the Rangers took has a small chance at recovering. Can you imagine the hoopla if he actually takes the field even in the minors? I hope it works out well for all involved.

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