Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vacation Trade Pile Begins!

   Hello all. Today I post on vacation from Carolla, North Carolina (The Outer Banks for those familiar). I arrived around 8:30 am after leaving New York City around midnight last night and I am glad to be here to begin a week of relaxation and family fun. I will be trying to do trade pile posts as they are quick and my excess consumption of alcohol shouldn't affect the outcome. (thanks to spell check).

    A new trade pile begins with......................

2007 Bowman Heritage Rainbow #177 Jim Edmonds (Cardinals)

    You know the deal, a card (or cards) from my wanted table gets the pile so don't be shy.

I'm off to bbq now, keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!


dawgbones said...

Yo Benny, if you took I64 to the 168 By-Pass, you passed within 2 miles of my home!! Hope you have a good time down there at OBX. (and if you took I95 to I64 thru Richmond, you also passed Ryan in Richmond and Spankee down here in Hampton!!)

madding said...

There's such thing as alcohol in excess?

I actually need that card for my Edmonds collection. I still have some cards I set aside for you, by the way.

BA Benny said...

@Madding~ I don't think so but I will be testing the limits. The Edmonds is yours.

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