Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some LCS Scores! and I have an auction running.

   Hello all. I have a few scores from 2 of my LCS's. First up is some stuff from the shop I work near sometimes and a couple of weeks ago that was just the case so here are a few highlights.

    In honor of 3000 and then some I have to show the Jeter 1997 UD3 Future Impact. They couldn't have a better subset to put  Jeter in. The picture sucks but the silver part on the right side is actually transparent with another image. Congrats on a hell of a day in you quest to reach 3000 hits Mr. Jeter.
   A nice Pagan RC, a bargain box Zeile jersey and a good deal on the Pelfrey manu patch were fun too. 

     Mike, the owner, also gave me a sweet deal on these 9 Mantle cards. They are the first 9 in a 19 card set from 1996 Stadium Club Members Only. He told me they were one per box at the time so I hope chasing them is doable. Now I begin the search for #MM10 thru MM19 so if anybody can help, please drop me a line.

     Next I have some goodies from the other LCS I frequent. I was on the way to pick up my two dogs from "kennel camp" yesterday and the shop is on the way so when I volunteered to go pick up the dogs after a nine hour drive back from NC I certainly had some other motive in mind as well. I feel a little bad when I go in there now since the owner died back in March but the guy (John) running the shop for his wife is also very cool and certainly is doing a fantastic job keeping the shop alive. He in fact said he was glad to see me as he found a few binders in the back while organizing and thought I may like to check them out since he knows how much I like relic cards. I am surely glad he did as here are a bunch I found to my liking.
  A couple of Curtis Martin's and a Leon Washington jumped out of the football side and I grabbed the Giles on the sweet patch alone.

   What can I say about this group, a couple of Gwynn's, Palmer and Murray representing the O's quite well and Bo knows dual relics pretty nicely.

    The two biggest (at least by price) finds are these Ripken and George Brett cards. My first Brett and second Ripkin (Shushi Platter got me my first) relics are awesome. John was quite fair on the prices on all these so I am real happy with all the additions to my collections. Sorry gang, none of these are for trade as it was mostly personal collection items during these trips although there were a couple of other cards that some of you may see down the road in trades.   

    On a different note, I have re listed the Wrapper Redemption auto of Randy Jackson /60 (Cubs) I got on E-Bay so again if a blogger buys it I will throw in some kind of bonus cards depending on what you collect. If you are interested send me an e-mail and I will let you know the reserve price and maybe I can lower it a bit for a loyal reader. If you direct somebody else to the auction and they buy it and mention your name I will give you a "finders fee" in the form of some cards also. Check it out HERE.

    That's all for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams people!

Thanks for Reading!

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Anonymous said...

Great pick-ups, Benny! Great assortment of stars (really dig that Bo Jackson, very unique).

Best move? Strategic locations on multiple LCSs....well played, sir.

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